Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Four Ways to Improve Customer Service

This article indicates how poorly Customer Services has been in several businesses. They’re not only lacking manner but also, assistance towards their own customers. The author even shared her experienced through the article. She and a friend were astonished by the action of a salesperson, when he turned his back to them and ignored their presence. Just later that day, they went to a different store and again, were faced with humility and rejection by the clerk. With this kind of poor manner, any business would close down immediately. I think by writing her experiences, she’s hoping that businesses would stumble upon this and read the guidelines of how to improve Customer Service.
I strongly agree as what she’d written about. I believe that businesses should show courteous and hospitality towards their customer. They need to assist them in every possible way. It’s like being an actor; you wouldn’t be successful without your fans beside you. Treat your customers as your fans because without them, you wouldn’t be able to survive with your business. I like to throw this out too; it also doesn’t matter if a customer who’s buying is rich or poor. They should be treated with the same manner. I’ve seen this countless of times before and I’ve seen the difference of the treatments between them. All people are equal so they deserve to be treated right at least.

Friday, November 12, 2010

32 New York Catholic Schools to Close

As the heading states, the State of New York is in the midst of deciding to foreclose 32 catholic schools, both elementary and high schools. They’ve reasoned that the private schools are struggling to get students enrolling to their school, and the donations aren’t quite enough to salvage the problem either. They’ve also stated that they will give the student’s family enough time to transfer schools and think about what the future might look like from them. Above everything, the teachers are also threatened to get cut and lose their jobs. By January, the official decision would be made and they have to be ready what the outcome is.

To all honestly, I’m a bit stunned about this article. They’re possibly thinking of closing 32 schools by January. I mean, what are those remaining students going to do? What schools are they going to? How many faculty members are going to be cut? It seems to me that there are quite a lot of conflicts and questions regarding this action. There are definitely a lot of pros and cons in this situation. Our economy isn’t a big help either. Being in bigger cities like New York, the cost of living in New York would surely be higher than the cost of living in smaller cities. I could understand why the parents would want their kids transferred to public schools because of the simple reason – the economy. This is reality. Life is never going to unfair and you just got to deal with these problems. I just hope the young ones would somehow understand how the world works. At least, they’d still be in school and learning.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excel-lent Ideas

I personally think that using Excel would be really beneficial to our club/group, Solutions. We often have sales that's in need of updates and calculating. Instead of using an old fashion way, why not try to use Excel? It can help us manage our account in various ways. Excel can help us calculate our sales and keep us updated of what our total income is. It can help us sort certain data from one another. There's just a lot of advantages that Excel offers you. So I say use excel because it will simply make your life easier.

Friday, October 22, 2010

95,000 Jobs Lost in September: How Many Is That, Really?

This article showed us, readers, that US economy is falling of the ladder. It reported that on September of 2010, 95,000 of people had lost their job. The employment in the government has also been going down the drain. They’ve been also losing employees from left to right. So far, there’s about 6000 of workers that remained in the government. That’s how bad our economy is today. The significant amount has been equaled and compared to other things to try to explain what 95,000 means.

I can seriously relate as to what this message is saying. My brother, Ian, recently moved back to Los Angeles, California to be independent of his own. Now, he’s having a hard time finding a job and balancing his schedule. He has told me that he applied to every mall and restaurant, but has a hard time getting the job because of his age. If I’m right, he told me that you have to be at least 18 to get hired in most places. Aside from my brother’s situation, I’m pretty sure that everyone else in the United State is having a hard time. Business and people are going bankrupt these days, even in Rapid City. Stores are closing from time to time and most business are not hiring, even if they need to.

What can we do to prevent this?

We can't really do anything specifically, but I guess all we can do is hope for a better tomorrow. We also need to work hard and have our bosses’ see that we’re worth keeping. I mean, if you aren’t suit for the job, why would they want to keep you? There are other millions of Americans that are more deserving in your place. I’d say just be thankful and always ask God for his guidance.